My smarthome!

My smarthome!

It is only appropriate to start off my blog with the first thing i self hosted, and still run!
I am not sure what spiked my interest in Openhab and smart homes, but I am very glad something spiked that interest. This post won't be very technical, mostly a trip down memory lane.

I Bought my first Raspberry pi for this, and this might have been my first Linux experience, there is also an old desktop which got Linux around the same time. but more on that desktop in a later post.

The learning curve of Linux was very steep with this project, learning about the file system, users etc. And configuring the Openhab instance with text based config files only! That was a change, for someone that was VERY much used to gui configurations. I started off with Openhab 2.x (not sure when I got in to it).

Together with this Openhab instance I have been upgrading my light switches to Sonoff Touch, with Tasmota firmware. And also som Sonoff Basics where needed! The only thing in my smarthome that speaks to server outside the house, is my IKEA Trådfri bulbs, but I will look into using a Sonoff Zigbee bridge to control these in the future.

Enough of history! Now the Openhab instance is running in my kubernetes cluster (Rancher k3s). There will be a proper writeup on the cluster in a later post.

The Openhab is currently running on the latest snapshot release, and i love the new Openhab 3! The plan for my smarthouse in the future is to look in to controlling the blinds, and get some new lights on the kitchen :)